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With the advancement of equipment and the accessibility and “immediacy” that digital has brought to photography, this ever popular hobby, has become even more popular with millions of images taken daily throughout the world.

We take pictures of family, friends and people in general. We take pictures at weddings, birthdays and important milestones we want to remember and we take pictures of places we visit, of holidays, of landscapes and animals and of events we want to remember.

Photography is also used as a medium to express one’s own creativity. Perhaps we are no good at painting, but we may still have an eye for beauty and composition and may want to explore our creativity through the lens of a camera.

If you have a camera with at least some manual settings, such as a DSLR, a CSC (compact system camera) a “bridge” camera, or a compact camera with manual settings, then you have a very powerful tool which is capable of capturing great images, but you have to learn some basics and some techniques to be able to achieve the great pictures that you have envisioned in your mind. In this photography course you will learn what to do to give your pictures a specific look.

My name is Louis Duarte; I am a second generation photographer and will teach you the techniques to get you onto the path to taking pictures you will be proud of. In the course, “Introduction to Photography”, which is run over three Saturday mornings, we will cover theory and show you examples to illustrate what’s being taught and then you will be given assignments to put the newly learnt techniques into practice. Theory we cover in the course includes exposure, learning to “read” light, colour balance, contrast, use of different lenses and their perspective, composition, computer editting and more. We also cover camera settings and you will receive a set of notes as well as a certificate.

I look forward to seeing the delight in your face as jargon gets “de-mystified” and you learn techniques to take your photography to another level.


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If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn’t need to lug around a camera. ~ Lewis Hine

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